Diverse, Creative & Sustainable.

Exceptional Accessories for any occasion! Our own independent labels with unique aesthetics while all having one thing in common: An effortless focus on smart, functional & eco-conscious executions!

Taking On The Outdoors

Limitless design. We simply design product for whatever life throws our way. Whether it's for our next fishing trip or to help you ease your next big trip.

Exploring Your Creative Side

Weather it's your expressing your creative side with music and art or with specific articles of accessories that compliment your vibe that's also something we take into consideration.

Or supporting your discipline

Your daily routine to support your fitness goals whether it be Barre, Yoga or Power Lifting also represents your personality and we'll keep designing to support your lifestyle.

We'll Support Exceptional Experiences for Every Occasion!

Bennkai is an innovative accessories design 
house. We're about individual style and functionality. We represent boundless creativity and not confining ourselves to 1 direction. One size does not fit all in our eyes! We'll keep developing new product ideas monthly.

It's nice to meet you.